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Eileen Moss CounsellorWelcome to Counselling in Tewkesbury

Are you

  • feeling run down or stressed?
  • depressed or anxious?
  • finding it difficult to come to terms with a change in your life?
    • suffering from loss or bereavement?
  • looking for a place to reflect on and explore unresolved issues?

Counselling Room


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How can counselling help?

Sometimes we face difficult issues and we need help to find a way forward.  Counselling may help you to do this.  Working from my home, near Tewkesbury, I offer you a confidential and safe environment in which to explore your problems. There I will listen to you with understanding and empathy.  

As an integrative counsellor, I use a variety of theories and styles to  suit the needs of the individual person. Therefore, each approach is personal and tailored to your specific requirements.  Furthermore, I am experienced in working with adults, older adults, young people and children

Having completed training with the Foundation for Infant Loss, I am an accredited member and qualified to offer counselling to those who have experienced bereavement due to infant loss by stillbirth, sudden infant death or miscarriage. 


What will counselling be like?

This video by Dr Pooky Knightsmith gives you an idea on how to get the best out of therapy.  More informative videos about therapeutic issues by Pooky can be found on You Tube